Crab Island Seasonings

by Okalocal

Meet Crab Island Seasonings. 

Finally. A Seasoning Blend inspired by the unique coastal cuisine of the Gulf Coast and made just for us.
  • Created by Locals who wanted something better than the typical over-salted store bought seasonings.
  • 4.8 ounces of amazingly fresh all natural whole ground spices 
  • Designed to be an all around Chef's blend that can be used to add flavor to any dish.
  • Add seasoning that lets you rock dinner like a pro. 
  • No preservatives or fillers. Your family will thank you.
  • Compliments the classic flavor of gulf coast seafood.
  • Bring the flavor of Destin to the table.
  • One of a kind spice blend that you cannot get in stores. Be unique.